Below are the frequently asked questions about driver accounts. Click on each question to reveal the answer. If you have additional questions please contact us.

  • How does Quick Man and Van work?
  • What are the Man and Van service providers?
  • How much does it cost to join Quick Man and Van?
  • I have a permanent job, can I join part-time?
  • How do I join Quick Man and Van?
  • How do I log in to my account?
  • Why do I have to upload documents?
  • How do I upload my documents?
  • What is the profile section of my account?
  • What are Direct-Cargo Jobs?
  • What are Return-Cargo Jobs?
  • What are B2B Jobs?
  • What is the radius in the Van & Service Area tab?
  • What is the calendar and how does it work?
  • How do I become available on red marked date and time intervals on the calendar?
  • What does the Manage Booking button mean in my notification emails?
  • What are job offer notification emails?
  • Do I need to have my own van?
  • Does Quick Man and Van provide job leads?
  • How do I get paid?
  • When do I get paid?
  • What information do you need in order to send me the weekly payments?
  • What is Quick Man and Van's fee?
  • How does Quick Man and Van handle customer payments?
  • Who pays the congestion charge?
  • Who pays for parking fees?
  • Who pays for toll road charges?
  • Who pays for ferry costs?
  • Whose responsibility is it to receive the cash from the customer?
  • What happens if the customer wants to change the details of the booking?
  • When does the job clock start and how can I calculate the time of the job?
  • How do I handle additional mileage charges?
  • What happens if I am late to a booking appointment?
  • What happens if my van breaks down before a booking?
  • What happens if I can't cover a booking?
  • Will I be charged for rejecting an assigned booking?
  • Do I need to carry any equipment in the van?
  • What happens if the customer needs a bigger van?
  • How can I remember all my rates?
  • What happens if you have to refund the customer?
  • Can customers travel in the van?
  • Can I disallow pets in my van?
  • Can I refuse to transport certain items?
  • What are my Quick Man and Van advantages?
  • What are Bronze drivers?
  • What are Silver drivers?
  • What are Gold drivers?
People who need the Man and Van service enter their removal details on our web form, then Quick Man and Van calculates the costs for the removal according to your pricing settings and displays the quote on the results page. In case you are not available on the date and time selected by the customer, you will not appear in the results page. Customers can then book instantly if they are satisfied with the costs and terms of the job. When a customer books your service, you are notified with booking details and you can either accept or reject the job.
Man and Van service providers are the drivers or removal companies that offer Quick Man and Van services on our site.
Joining Quick Man and Van is absolutely free.
You can join as a part-time service provider. This means you will set what time interval you are available during week days and weekend days.
Click the Driver Join tab on the top menu and fill in the registration form. After you submit your details you will receive an instant email that explains what you must do next.
Log in to your account using your email address and the password you create when you register with us.
In order to make sure you are qualified to perform man and van services, Quick Man and Van staff needs to see your documents. Based on the uploaded documents we also establish your level of insurance.
Upload images of your documents in the Documents section of your account back office, located in the "Account" sub-menu.
The profile section is the presentation of your services. You can upload images, describe your expertise and make a statement about yourself.
Direct-Cargo Jobs are bookings that have the collection address in your operational radius.
Return-Cargo Jobs are bookings that have the delivery address in your operational radius - this means you go to the collection address which can be outside your operational radius and when you get to the delivery address, you are in your radius. These jobs are basically the reversed Direct-Cargo Jobs, have the same cost, except you carry the customer's items on your way back.
B2B Jobs are bookings created by Business to Business customers. B2B Customers are companies that have a contract with Quick Man and Van and offer jobs periodically. The payment for B2B Jobs are done on the 7th of the next month and any additional charges (like extra hours, congestion charge, etc) must be reported by the driver to Quick Man and Van and added to the final bill. B2B Customers does not use Cash Payments.
The radius is the value used to define a circle with the center in your base address which is considered your service area from where you will pick jobs. For Direct-Cargo Jobs, the collection address must be inside the circle defined by given radius. For Return-Cargo Jobs the delivery address will be inside the circle defined by given radius. Note that while the radius is a number, the service area is a circle and because the roads are not a straight line, the distance from your base to a job pickup for Direct-Cargo jobs (or delivery for Return-Cargo jobs) can have more miles than the radius value itself, but you will be paid according to your prices for the extra mileage. The best way to establish a desired radius is to also check the map to see which points you are reaching with a given radius.
By default, you are considered available for work permanently. If you have time intervals that you are unavailable, simple go to your calendar page and click (and drag to select multiple) the date and time when you are unavailable. The red marked date and time intervals mean you are not available for work and your quotes will not be shown in the results page.
By clicking on the red marked date time interval you erase the restriction and you become available for the given date and time interval.
The Manage Booking button in the notification emails allows you to connect directly to your account (without being asked for user and password) and to accept or reject a booking, as well as to see booking details.
When a driver rejects a booking, we notify all available drivers about the job opportunity that occurred. The first driver to accept will be assigned the booking.
In order to activate your account and to fulfill bookings you need to have your own van.
No, any job you are assigned by us is a confirmed booking that has been quoted already based on the prices you defined in your account back office.
Depending on how the customer chooses to, you can be paid in cash by the customer at the end of the move or by bank transfer by Quick Man and Van.
The cash payments will be made by the customer once the work is completed. The bank transfers from Quick Man and Van are done on a weekly basis, every Friday.
In order to get paid by Quick Man and Van you must enter your account number and sort code in your account back office. The bank details are necessary only after you have been assigned bookings paid by the customer using credit card.
The Quick Man and Van's fee is 35% of the quote displayed on the website. If the job lasts longer than the estimated time in the booking, you will charge the customer with the additional costs calculated based on the prices you defined on the account back office, but you will not have to send us anything for the extra charges.
Customers can choose between paying 35% of the quote online, as a deposit and the rest of 65% in cash to you upon removal completion, OR they can pay online the full amount and after the removal is completed you will receive 65% of the quote value.
If a booking begins or ends in the congestion zone on a weekday (excluding national holidays) between 07:00 - 18:00 you must inform the customer before entering the zone about the £15.00 additional charge that will be paid in cash at the end of the job.
In the case you must pay for parking, the parking fee will be paid to you in cash by customer at the end of the move.
In the case you must pay toll road charges in-between collection address and delivery address, the amount will be paid to you in cash by the customer at the end of the move.
In the case you must pay ferry costs in-between collection address and delivery address, the amount will be paid to you in cash by the customer at the end of the move.
If you are on a cash booking, it is your responsibility to obtain payment from the customer.
If the customer needs extra time, or there are extra flights of stairs, or extra stop points, you can add extra charges in accordance with the prices defined in your account back office and request a cash payment at the end of the move.
To make things easier and clear, you can use the stopwatch on your phone to calculate the time on the job. The stopwatch should be started at the collection point after you parked the van.
Use Google Maps on your phone or a GPS Navigator to calculate how many extra miles you are being asked to travel by the customer, then multiply that number by your mileage charge per mile.
If you are delayed or late to a booking you must contact the customer and periodically keep them updated with estimate time to arrival. In the case that you are delayed more than 60 minutes you must contact Quick Man and Van and you must provide information about the situation.
If your van has broken down and you can't cover an accepted booking contact Quick Man and Van on +44 7538 532 182 or +44 199 267 7586 as soon as possible.
If you can't cover an accepted booking contact Quick Man and Van +44 7538 532 182 or +44 199 267 7586 as soon as possible.
Yes, there is a £10.00 minimum charge and any extra money we have to pay another Man and Van service provider to complete the booking. If you keep your calendar up to date, you won't be assigned any booking while unavailable.
Yes, customers will expect you to have at least 1 box trolley, 6 straps, 5 blankets and basic dismantling tools in your van.
If you have a larger van available and the customer needs a larger van, you can upgrade the price in accordance with the rates you display on our website. If you don't have a larger van, you can do multiple trips, adding your millage (and time) charge to the customer's final cost. Additional miles must be counted using Google Maps or a GPS Navigator.
Our website is mobile-friendly so you can connect to your account back office to view your rates. However, for the locations with low signal or no internet access, it is a good idea to have the prices written on a piece of paper and kept in your van.
In case you are late, unprepared with minimum required equipment, or you have conduct issues and customer requires a refund, the amount refunded will be deducted from your balance on our website.
Yes, customers are allowed to travel in the van as long as there is room in the van. Please note that Quick Man and Van does not charge customers to travel in the van so you should not try to overcharge the customers for that.
Allowing pets in your van is purely your choice. However if you don't want to allow pets in your van you must display this information in your public profile.
In the case that the customer is requesting you to transport goods that due their nature are hazardous, dangerous or illegal, you can refuse to transport them only after contacting us in order to investigate if the goods are indeed in the "prohibited goods" category.
- Joining Quick Man and Van is free.
- You have full control of the prices, dates and times you are available for booking. You can change your prices rate and availability at any time.
- You can create your own profile and you don't have to pay for advertising your services.
- You will not have to handle customer support - our team will. - You can build a reputation using customer's reviews.
Drivers that sent us external image of the vehicle, the driver license and the motor insurance display a Bronze badge.
Drivers that sent us external image of the vehicle, the driver license, the motor insurance and good in transit cover display a Silver badge.
Drivers that sent us external image of the vehicle, the driver license, the motor insurance, good in transit cover and public liability insurance display a Gold badge.