In order to obtain the best prices for your move, feel free to apply the following tips and tricks:

Self loading and unloading

If you can load and unload the van, select "No Help Needed" on the Instant Quotes page to receive the driver's minimum charge.

One item discount

If you are moving one item, select "I'm moving only one item" on the Instant Quotes page. Your prices will automatically be discounted in the quotes.

Weekday moves

Weekday moves will receive a lower quote than a weekend move.

Avoid the stair charge

If you can bring your items downstairs, select no flights of stairs on the Instant Quotes page. This will lower the quotes.

Avoid the out of hours charge

If you book your collection between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00, you will receive lower quotes.

Student discount

If you are a student, enter your NUS Student ID on the Instant Quotes page. Most of our drivers give a student discount. Be prepared to show your student ID to the driver. In the case you received a student discount and you are unable to show the student ID, the driver is entitled to charge you the discounted amount.

Coupon discounts

If you have a discount coupon, enter the code in on the Instant Quotes page. We often offer discount codes to our customers.

Book as accurate possible

Try to estimate corectly how much time you need if possible. Even the driver will stay to complete the job, once you deplete the booked time you will pay a higher price for each half hour the driver spends to complete the job (in the quotes you can see what is the cost per half-hour for each driver). As well, any discounts you would apply for the booked time, it won't be applied for the extra-time.

Book as early as possible

The earlier you book, the better chances you have to find a cheaper driver. As you can imagine, the best drivers are booked early by our customers (best value for the money). Booking with less than 24 hours notice will add a short notice fee of £15.00 which can be avoided if you book earlier.

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